Shiny Bum Singers - Backlist

The songs from the first six songbooks were all included on the Omnibum. But if you want any of these books they are still available. You can buy them here.

To find more information about these books, click on the image of the cover or on the book name link.


The Tiny Shiny Bum Songbook, A5, 20pp. ISBN 1 876668 00 8. Price: $5.00 (Australian dollars)

sbs2cvr.jpg It's Been a Long Year, A5, 40pp. ISBN 1 876668 02 4. Price: $7.00 (Australian dollars)
bk3cvr.jpg They'll Go Ape at Our Procedures, A5, 36pp, ISBN 1 876668 03 2. Price: $7.00 (Australian Dollars)
bk4fcvr.jpg Have You Been Told Lately?, A5, 28pp, ISBN 1 876668 04 0. Price: $5.00 (Australian Dollars)
bk5fcvr.jpg Am I Not Busy Enough?, A5, 36pp, ISBN 1 876668 07 5. Price: $7.00 (Australian Dollars)
bk6fcvr.jpg If We Could Talk to the Bureaucrats, A5, 48pp, ISBN 978 1 876668 15 0. Price: $7.00 (Australian Dollars)



Shiny Bum Singers Collection - All six of the above books for $30


Silent Office, A5, 16pp. ISBN 1 876668 10 5. Price: $5.00 (Australian dollars) - a selection of Christmas carols drawn from the above six books.

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