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These books were published in the period from 1993 to 2018, are still in print. To find more information about any of these books, click on the image of the cover or on the More Information link. To order, use the shopping cart link here or the ordering information on the home page.

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A Plastic Paradise

A Futuristic Satire by David Walker

Canberra next century, where the planners have gone mad and are building on every park and road, and where if you don’t have a plastic card and you’re a nonperson. But where being nobody has certain advantages …

"Rarely have I been so amused and so chilled simultaneously …" Social Alternatives

"… a novel that is strong, disquieting and interesting …" Redoubt

Format: A5, vi + 170pp. ISBN 0 646 14053 1. Price: $14.50 (Australian dollars) 

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All Hearts On Deck

A Conservationist's True Life Adventure by Frankie Seymour

A deeply personal and passionate account of a young woman’s true-life adventure aboard the anti-whaling ship The Sea Shepherd.

"This exuberant book is as much about saving the world’s adventure as it is about saving whales." The Canberra Times

"Writing comes as easily and gracefully to Frankie as ocean-going to a whale." Green Left

Format: B5, xvi + 180pp. ISBN 0 646 16060 5. Price: $19.95 (Australian dollars) 

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Kissing Angels on the Eve of Revolution

Poems for Performance by Robin Davidson

"Robin’s subjects are big ones - poetry and revolution (not the blood-in-gutters kind) - tackled head-on with furious energy, humour and warmth. Some poems are hilarious, others moving, all are celebratory - of individual human beings and their courage and capacity to love." Anne Edgeworth

Format: A5, vi + 30pp. ISBN 0 646 23814 0. Price: $9.95 (Australian dollars)

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The World on my Washing Line

Poems by Robin Davidson

Written both for performance and the page, Robin’s poetry ranges from rap to free verse, from the back of a packet of pine nuts to modern nursery rhymes. They tell of war, hunger, toilets and clowns, and of the relationship between the big political questions and the ordinary details of our lives: between the world and the washing line.

Format: A5, 40pp. ISBN 1 876668 11 3. Price: $11.95 (Australian dollars)

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Off the Edge

An Anthology of Poetry and Prose from Canberra Performance Poets

Poems and stories from 47 writers who have performed at one of Canberra’s most popular performance venues. The contributors range in age from 8 to 80, the subjects from the trauma of collecting the dole to an alligator in the refrigerator.

Format: A5, x + 168pp. ISBN 0 646 25882 6. Price: $14.95 (Australian dollars) 

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Deeper into the Blue

Poems by Carrie Sonneborn

"Lucid, brief, direct of speech, the poems are a combination of warmth and wit, celebration and well-tempered satire. She has a sharp eye for our capacity to delude ourselves in relationships. She is keenly aware of the gulf that separates our boxed-in urban existence from the real, but increasingly fragile, world outside. Most importantly, unlike many of us (who seem secretly to feel apologetic for it), Carrie Sonneborn enjoys being a woman; the reality of Woman, not the media image. Her warm and witty celebrations of this in various guises are, to me, the finest of the many fine poems in this book; poems to return to with appreciative laughter again and again. This is a collection of poems to be acquired and treasured by all lovers of poetry." Anne Edgeworth

Format: A5, viii + 40pp. ISBN 0 646 33856 0. Price: $11.95 (Australian dollars) 

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Turtles All the Way Down

Poems by Anne Edgeworth

Illustrations by Bev Wood

Anne’s poetry reflects her many concerns: the contemporary surge of materialism and manipulated consumerism, the devaluing of the individual along with the increasingly hollow legacy we are passing on to our youth. Anne’s passion for the environment and reconciliation are also strongly apparent within this collection.

Evol McLeod, Manager, Tuggeranong Community Arts Centre, ACT

Format: A5, 96pp, ISBN 1 876668 01 6. Price: $14.95 (Australian Dollars)

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Goodnight PM

Songs and a Poem by David Meyers

A memorial to Dave Meyers’ contribution to the repertoire of the Shiny Bum Singers.

This book presents all twelve of the songs that Dave wrote for the Shiny Bums, plus two other works by Dave―one being a song sparked by a meal at the Top Half Folk Festival, and the other being a humorous poem he wrote on the subject of death.

Format: A5, 20pp. ISBN 1 876668 24 2. Price: $5.00 (Australian dollars)

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The Way the Shadow Falls

Selected Poems by Peter Huta

Nineteen poems by Canberra poet Peter Huta.

Published by Outsider Press. Orders can be made through Boris Books.

Format: A5, iv + 24pp, ISBN 0 646 31380 0. Price $4.95 (Australian dollars)

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