The World on my Washing Line

Poems by Robin Davidson

Photographs by Deborah Hamilton

(Boris Books, 40pp, RRP $11.95 Australian, ISBN 1 876668 11 3)

The poetry in this book is "fusion poetry", written for both the page and the stage, shared with audiences and readers since 1996. It ranges from rap to free verse, from the back of a packet of pine nuts to modern nursery rhymes. They tell of war, hunger, toilets and clowns, and of the relationship between the big political questions and the ordinary details of our lives: between the world and the washing line.

Here is one of the poems from the book.

The Revolution

The Revolution will be refused public liability insurance,
    due to inadequate risk management plans.
The Revolution will have its application for use of public space
    rejected by the municipal authorities,
    because it is unable to provide evidence of public liability insurance.
The Revolution will be rejected for funding from government agencies,
    with a letter explaining that it was a competitive field
    and suggesting the Revolution seeks corporate sponsorship instead.
The Revolution will be rejected for corporate sponsorship,
    because it is incompatible with the current corporate image.
The Revolution will be found to be in contravention
    of the 1998 Noise Abatement Act.
The Revolution will be informed it cannot proceed
    without a detailed occupational health and safety policy,
    and at least one trained OH&S Officer for every ten revolutionaries.
Workers will not be permitted to use special or compassionate leave
    to attend the Revolution,
    unless an immediate family member is killed during clashes with police.
Treatment of wounds inflicted by police during the Revolution
    may be exempt from Private Health Benefits Schemes
    at the express discretion of the insurer.
Costs of transport to or from pickets, riots and occupations;
    gas masks and other protective clothing;
    flammable liquids and other weaponry;
    may not be claimed as tax deductions.
Participation in the Revolution by Newstart recipients
    will not be deemed as fulfilling Mutual Obligation requirements;
    however any income derived from sale of goods
    looted during riots will be considered assessable income.
All in all, the Revolution will be a fine thing. 


Copyright Robin Davidson, 2006

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