ACT Writers Centre Poets Lunch, 2009

A5, pb, 32pp. ISBN 978 1 876668 20 4 1. Price: $10.00 (Australian dollars)

26 poems on the theme Friday the 13th, where even a downside can have a quirky upside and bad luck isn't inevirable.

My Cup of Tea Charlotte Clutterbuck
The Grebe Susan Hampton
Lone Magpie Mary Langdon
Pillow Talk Venie Holmgren
Walking Richard Calver
Inside Colourful Skies Dennis Thomas
The New Country Linda van der Berg
Brief on the Shopkeeper at the End of the World John Stokes
Blue Blood Claire Mollison
At the River Maggie Shapely
Facing the Light Kathleen Bleakley
Foreboding Friday, the Thirteenth Suzanne Edgar
Black Friday Night Susan Marshall
Everything Sandy Bigna
Forecast for Friday 13th Diana Harley
Omen Sky Moya Pacey
Bad Things in Threes Patsy Cocking
Paraskavedekatriaphobia P.S. Cottier
Some Sunday Afternoons Ian McFarlane
Black Friday Jeni Gorrel
Timeless in Canberra Robert Verdon
Friday Elizabeth Beaton
Friday is Friday Frankie Seymour
A Sonnet in Memory of Shady, the Lady, who Died aged 17 on Friday 13 Jeanne Arthur
For Luck Peter Huta
Legislating Luck David Walker

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