ANU Poets' Lunches

The Australian National University (ANU) Poets' Lunch has been through three different incarnations in the last thirty years.

The first generation of lunches began in the 1970s and featured a select group of ANU-based Poets, some of them world-famous. They were held at the ANU Staff Centre, and the theme was wine. The poems were published in the wine lists for the lunches. A selection of the poems from these lunches, was edited by Philip Grundy. It includes poetry from some of the poets who made history for the art form in the post-colonial age.

The second generation was organised by Giles Pickford and Colin Plowman, and began in 1993 in a similar way, but soon attracted a large range of poets from all over Canberra, with a competitive selection process for the best submitted poems. Most lunches had a theme, and some had a featured poet. The venue was a marquee on the Staff Centre lawns (rain permitting). When the Staff Centre closed, the lunch moved to University House, sometimes inside, sometimes outside. The poems for each lunch were published in a booklet.

Third generation. After the second generation lunches ran out of steam (the last was in 2001), a small group decided to continue on a more informal basis. After initial meetings in the sculpture garden on the lawns near Old Canberra House (the old Staff Centre building), they are how held in the Molony Room at the ANU Emeritus Faculty. Each of these third generation lunches has a theme, and the poems from each have been again published as a booklet. These booklets were published by Boris Books and are available from this site.

The poems from these lunches appear on the Poets' Lunch website at The poets who have performed at the Poets' Lunches are:

Aslanides, Timoshenko
Bone, Linchay
Brissenden, Alan
Brissenden, R.F.
Brooke-Watson, Ffionnan
Brooks, Pauline
Brown, Hugh
Burdett, Maureen
Burton, Denise
Burke, Colleen
Byrne, Michael
Caesar, Adrian
Campbell, David
Clarke, Chris
Clarke, Tim
Cook, Merril
Cormick, Craig
Craddy, Beth
Dalziell, Rosamund
Davey, Lisa
Davidson, Wilma
Davis, Jack
Delian, Lyndy
Delves, Julie
Dixon, Denise
Dobson, Rosemary
Dolan, Martin
Doyle, Lorne Parker
Dutton, Geoffrey
Edgeworth, Anne
Everson, Warwick
Exon, Diana
Fairbairn, Anne
Fead, Margaret
Fielden, Amelia
Foley, Adelle
Foley, Jack
Forestier, Jo
Foster, June
Fredericks, Kay
Gardiner, Ken
Glikson, Andrew
Gould, Alan
Grundy, Philip
Hard, Lynn
Hart, Kevin
Hastie, Alison
Hayman, Jill
Hekimian, Gary
Holgate, Anne
Holmgren, Venie
Hope, A.D.
Hurley, Maris Ursula
Huta, Peter
Ireland, Kate
Isaac, Frances
Jeffrey, Peter
Judge, Hal
Kelen, Steve
Kelly, John A.
Kennedy, Kerry
Kennedy, Meredith
Kent, Peter
King, Jacqui
King, Max
Kituai, Kathy
Knellwolf, Christa
Latona, Peter
Leslie, A.L.
Lowes, Elanna
Mackay, Meredyth
MacKenzie, Phillip
Mark, Richard
Martinello, Jennifer A.
Massingham, Joe
McDonald, Laurie
McKenry, Keith
McMahon, Frank
McMahon, Toby
McNamara, Kate
Mead, Philip
Meyers, David
Murphy, Lizz
Murray, Les
Nankivell, Anne-Marie
Nelson, Kerrie
Newmarch, Eileen
O'Connor, Mark
O'Sullivan, Bernice
Page, Geoff
Perkins, June
Peters-Little, Frances
Phelan, Catriona
Pickford, Giles
Pritam, Amitra
Pye, Sue
Reed, Stephen
Rendle-Short, Francesca
Ridley, Brian
Rowland, John
Rowley, Don
Ryan, John
Ryan, Arminel
Ryan, Pat
Self, Sandra
Seymour, Frankie
Seymour, Gwenda
Sharah, Jemal
Shaw, Dorothy
Shi, Xin
Sinclair, Vivian
Sonneborn, Carrie
Spear, Cindy L.
Steeper, Tony
Stokes, John
Stokes, Meredith
Stone, Patricia
Suiter, Lauris
Thomson, Geoff
Thomson, Michelle
Thwaites, Michael
Trainor, Leon
Verdon, Robert
Virgo, Jane
Voight, Peja
Walker, David
Warren, Jennie
Watt, Monique
Watts, Alan
Webster, Joel
Wright, Judith
Zander, Jacinta

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