Poets' Lunch at ANU, 2018

Theme: Like It Was Yesterday/h3>

A5, pb, 24pp, illus. ISBN 978 1 876668 36 5. Price: $5.00 (Australian dollars)


Whirligig - Frankie Seymour
Legacy - Peter Huta
Like it was Yesterday - Wilma Davidson
Tangent - Kerry Kennedybr> Yesterday?? - David Walker
Just Like Yesterday - Sue Pye
The Cake - Maureen Burdett
Like It Was ‘Scrambled Eggs’ - Chris Clarke
Y’know, Um, Goes,Like - Pat Ryan
Waiter, There’s a Drone in my Soup - Geoff Thomson
Sixty Two Thousand Poppies - Eileen Newmarch
At Glen Helen ‘Ntjarnga’ - Diana Exon
Sound - Giles Pickford
All the Living Yesterdays - Jane Virgo

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