Poets' Lunch at ANU, 2013

Theme: Cold-Blooded Things

A5, pb, 24pp, illus. ISBN 978 1 876668 27 3. Price: $5.00 (Australian dollars)

What Santa Brings - Chris Clarke
In the Bath - Wilma Davidson
Let Me Outta Here - Catriona Phelan
Comfort for Old Men - Max King
The First Emperor - Xin Shi
Give Me No More - Peter Huta
Anti-Freeze - David Walker
Chilled Blood on Ice - Jane Virgo
Abandon Hope - Meredyth Mackay
Thief of Warm - Maureen Burdett
The Snake Replies - Giles Pickford
Gecko Decko - Kerry Kennedy
Tortuous Rescue - Frankie Seymour

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