Poets' Lunch at ANU, 2009

Theme: Pandora's Box

Dedicated to Joel Webster

A5, pb, 24pp, illus. ISBN 978 1 876668 19 8. Price: $5.00 (Australian dollars)


Dead Umbrellas - Joel Webster
On Townsville Station - Joel Webster
Hills Hoist - Joel Webster
Despatches from the National Capital - Joel Webster
Five Seasons - Joel Webster
A Box of Panned Ore  - Chris Clarke
Reflections on a Northern Floodplain - Max King
Wings and Stings - Jane Virgo
The Edge of Pandora’s Box - Wilma Davidson
Liberating Demons - Catriona Phelan
Dora - Peter Huta
Haiku for Eve and Pandora - Giles Pickford
Eve, Pandora, Solomon and Schrödinger - Frankie Seymour
When is a Box? - Maureen Burdett
I’m No Fan of Pandora - David Walker
Opening Night - Kerry Kennedy

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