Poets Lunch at ANU, 2002

Theme: Uni-verse

Dedicated to Catriona Phelan

A5, pb, 24pp. ISBN 978 1 876668 05 9. Price: $5.00 (Australian dollars)


Look Out - Catriona Phelan
Creeping Shadows - Catriona Phelan
Night and Pale Day - Catriona Phelan
The Mad Poets’ Wine Party - Catriona Phelan
C’ing is Believing - Kerry Kennedy
Hyperactive - Kerry Kennedy
Life Speed - Jane Virgo
Living in the Space-Time Continuum - Frankie Seymour
From The Hill - Chris Clarke
A Uni-Verse of Love - Peter Huta
Macquarie 1977 - Frankie Seymour
Uni-Verse - David Walker
Portrait of a Great Leader - David Walker
In the Ether - Chris Clarke
uni verses - Peter Huta
Discovering - Jane Virgo
Would You Decline a Port? - Chris Clark

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